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Alpha Spirit Beef Snacks

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Product Description

Alpha Spirit Beef Snacks

Alpha Spirit Beef synonymous of quality of life for your dog, excellent palatability. Reward your dog with a healthy and natural product.

Made the same way as our food, has excellent palatability and have been produced only by using its own juices, without meat meal without dehydrated materials, gluten and grain FREE. Only meat 85% and 15% legums sprouts, vitamins and botanicals.

These products are rich in Omega 3 and 6, prevent tartar formation by not having cereal in its composition and many other benefits for your dog.

It comes in both Sticks as Snacks. The Sticks have different formats: 4 units, individual or in RISTRAS of 16 sticks, all designed for your comfort.

You can choose between 6 different flavours in snacks and 4 in sticks.


Taurine Enrichted
High Digestibility
High Palatability
Tenderize Thechnology Manufacturing Process
Cold Dehydration
Hydrolyzed Ingredients

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