Baskerville Wide Fit (Size 15)

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Baskerville wide fit muzzle. Fits e.g. Rottweiler.

size 15

The comfortable muzzle for all-round protection that lets your dog pant and drink.

  • Handling and grooming
  • Protection of wounds
  • Supervised freedom for assertive dogs
  • Preservation of valuables

User Guide

Even the best behaved dog sometimes needs the protection of a muzzle, which is why the comfort and welfare of the wearer has been the first priority in designing the Baskerville.

The Baskerville muzzle can be a responsible first step towards resolving behavioural problems. It provides security for those moments of crisis and is ideal for dogs required to wear a muzzle.


The Baskerville must leave a small clearance around the nose, lips and eyes so that the dog can open his mouth to pant and drink. Undo the buckle, fit the basket over the nose, fasten the buckle behind the neck and adjust the collar to fit snugly.

Play with the dog to encourage acceptance when first fitted and remove muzzle frequently until worn happily. Thereafter, the collar can be loosened slightly for extra comfort.

Baskerville muzzles are fully washable and can be sterilised. Do not use if damaged. Do not leave your dog muzzled without supervision.


Size Guide

  • 1. Miniature
  • 2. Small
  • 3. Bichon Frise, Standard Dachshund
  • 4. Westie, Jack Russell
  • 5. Corgi, Cocker Spaniel
  • 6. Beagle, Border Collie
  • 7. Springer Spaniel, Dalmation
  • 8. Labrador, Airdale
  • 9. German Shepherd Dog, Doberman
  • 10. Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound

Wide Fit

  • 12. Boxer, Pitbull
  • 13. Mastiff
  • 15. Rottweiler
  • 16. Bull Mastiff

Muzzles cannot be returned for exchange or refunds please check sizes & measurements first