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Coachies Lick Treat Chicken Flavour

Coachies Lick Treat Chicken Flavour

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Perfect for use in reward based training. Treating your dog has never been easier! Simply shake, remove the lid and get them licking! Full of flavour but low on calories this is a perfect guilt-free reward, and a great way to interact with your pet!

Packed with vitamins and minerals
No artificial colours, flavours or added sugars
Low calorie treats
The healthiest way to treat your dog & cat


The Coachies Lick Treat, is a brilliant innovation in the world of dog treats.
It is a semi-liquid treat, that the dog simply licks to get the reward.
Dog's love the great flavour and and at only one calorie per 8 licks it is the perfect guilt-free reward!
The small treat dispenser is perfectly designed to slip into your pocket or bag and this simple delivery method, means there is no mess.
With over 500 licks per bottle, treating your dog has never been easier!

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