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Dog Training Lead

Dog Training Lead

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King of Paws Dog Training Lead

Training your dog to walk on a loose lead will take time and patience but its worth the effort. Not only will it make walks more pleasurable for your dog but it will also be more comfortable for you. The first rule to teaching your dog to walk on a loose lead is not to punish him for pulling but to make it unsuccessful. Dogs pull because it is a successful behaviour; quite simply they get to where they want to go more quickly.

When a dog pulls on the lead the owners natural response is to pull back on the lead creating a tug of war situation. Pulling back on the lead can be potentially dangerous on the dogs delicate throat area.

This lead is has an adaptable lenght, it has a double anchor which can attach to a harness and a collar at the same time which gives good steering. It is also made of durable fabric that wont hurt your hands. This lead can be used in conjunction with several types of harnesses also.


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